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in ohio a candlelight vigil for gina dejesus and michelle knight. there could be more charges to come against their alleged captor, ariel castro. it says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks and then punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we'll have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. >>> i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife who says that castro is to blame for her sister's death. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out in her first interview. nancy reid spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said, mom, i don't want to stay in the room. i said, you don't have to anymore. so that's part of the process, of her healing, and knowing that she can now do what she wants. >> she said she doesn't want to stay in the room. >> nope. >> well, much has been made about the connections. between the castro family and gina dejesus' family, it's really fascinating, the connections. they knew each other and someti
of one of the victims is speaking out in her first interview. nancy reid spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said, mom, i don't want to stay in the room. i said you don't have to anymore. so that's part of her healing and knowing that she can now do what she wants. >> she said she doesn't want to stay in the room. >> nope. >> well, much has been made about the connections. between the castro family and gina dejesus' family, it's really fascinating. gina's mother would sometimes see ariel castro. >> you would see him and he would say how are you doing? >> nothing was wrong. >> yes. >> that's chilling. >> it is. >> all the while he had your daughter. >> yes. you don't know how many times i've been through this street. i passed by that street. i was just two blocks and a half away from there. >> imagine a mother realizing she had walked by the home where her daughter was allegedly being hold hostage. lily rodriguez spoke to reporters through the window of her car. she was clearly distraught. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> there are other pieces of the puzzle just now coming
of the home of gina dejesus, 23 years old. this is the crowd that's gathered outside of her home as police tell us she is likely now to make her homecoming in the next few moments. we don't know when she's coming, but the police say that her return home is imminent. it is 1:00 in the afternoon cleveland time as the police presence grows outside of gina dejesus's home. let me remind you, gina has been missing since 2004. that is one year after amanda berry went missing. at the time gina went missing she was just 14 years old. and the reports were that she was last seen at a pay phone in the middle of an afternoon as she was on her way home from school. but now we're being told that after being treated in the hospital and her condition being reported to us as somewhat frail but good, we are likely to see in the next -- hopefully in the next short while the return home of gina dejesus to her family after just a harrowing ordeal allegedly at the hands of a man and his two brothers not far from the neighborhood where she disappeared. we have a number of developments that are happening in this s
vigil celebrating the safe return of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. there you see it, balloons were released into the air in a show of support for the women and the challenges they now face after surviving their ordeal. there could be more charges, we want to tell you about, to come for their alleged captor, ariel castro. the prosecutor says he will seek murder charges relating to a police report that says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks, then punched her repeatedly in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we will have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife. his ex-wife is deceased. her sister says castro is to blame for her sister's death after repeated beatings. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out. in her first interview, nancy ruiz spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said mom, i don't want to stay in a room. so i says you don't have to anymore.
to the pictures, absolute jubilation, not too far from where i stand in cleveland as we are hearing that gina dejesus, who went missing ten years ago, when she was 14 years of age, she was leaving her middle school, last seen at a pay phone, wanted to spend the night with a friend of hers, the mom said no. and then according to reports she was plucked off the street. tremendous media presence here. you can see cleveland affiliates have this story covered for you from the air and from the ground. we will not go too far from the scene as we're awaiting first pictures of gina dejesus coming home to her family there in cleveland. and for nearly a decade, inside the house here, back here on seymour avenue in the home behind me, amanda berry's movements were seen by a select few. and now as a free woman, the world watched her every step as she arrived at her sister's home in cleveland, the sister stepped out, i was there, the sister was surrounded by a crush of media and she gave just a very brief statement just about an hour or so ago. listen. >> i just want to say we are so happy to have amanda and
with kidnapping and raping amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. his brothers, onil and pedro, no charges against them. listen to this dramatic recording at the moment the police found these women. >> might be for real. we found them. we found them. >> and in phoenix, sex, lies and murder. jodi arias found guilty. police say she is on suicide watch, and just a little while ago, she gave a dramatic new interview in which she said she would rather get the death penalty than life in prison. listen to what she told the affiliate in phoenix. >> i said years ago i would rather get death than life and that still is true today. >> i'll talk to a friend of jodi arias and friend of a man she killed. >>> and a joyous family reunion. >> there she is. >> we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. until this moment for me, i still feel as it is a dream. i still pinch myself. >> police say the victims left the house of horrors only twice in a decade. and watched their parents on tv at vigils for themselves. they say when amanda berry escaped on monday, the other two victims chose
. >>> vamos con viviana que estÁ frente a la casa de gina de jesÚs, una de las jÓvenes que tras corta estancia en el hospital se reuniÓ con su familia. cuÉntanos, viviana. >>> es una historia increÍble, de la que poco a poco se va conociendo mÁs detalles, las tres mujeres permanecieron secuestradas durante 10 aÑos. y hoy respiran ya libertad. ♪ >>> esta es la casa de ariel castro, el sospechoso de mantener cautivas a las tres mujeres desaparecidas en cleveland, nunca nadie sospecho el oscuro que guardaba este hombre, hasta que amanda, una de las desaparecidas dio seÑales de vida. >>> cuando vea a amanda que podÍa sacar un brazo y pedia auxilio. entonces, pero gritando desesperadamente. y la niÑa estaba igual. y entonces, agarre hacia ahÍ, y me dijo que era amanda berry, y le dije que no. >>> este hombre ayudÓ. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> ella saliÓ junto con una pequeÑa de 6 aÑos y realizÓ una dramÁtica llamada al 911. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> las autoridades reconfirmaron lo dicho, ella estaba secuestrada con gina de jesÚs y otra mujer. >>> todo el mundo se sorprendiÓ
am thankful that amanda berry, gina de jesus and michelle knight have all been found aalive. we have many unanswered questions regarding this case and the investigation will be ongoing. again, i'm thankful these three young ladies are found and alive. joining me on the phone is angie garcia, a neighbor who saw the girls screaming for help. angie, can you hear me? >> yes. i'm here. >> this is a truly remarkable story. tell me exactly what you witnessed today. >> well, to be honest, i wasn't here. i was here yesterday when this guy, i think his name is arial castro, he was coming inside his driveway and he waved hi. that was it. today, this happened, i wasn't here. i'm translating for my aunt, she was here. she's telling me that this girl came to her house to make a call. >> and was it all three girls or was it one of the girls? we think it may have been amanda berry. do you know which one it was? >> berry, i think with a little girl, a 3-year-old little girl. >> so it was amanda berry, one of the three missing women, and you believe she had a 3-year-old girl with her. do you know if t
. this is what we know right now. amanda berry was 16 when she disappeared in 2003. gina dejesus, 2004, and michelle knight missing in 2002. police say three people are under arrest. they are all set to be brothers. one lived in the home where they were found. ariel castro o a former bus driver. the short time ago the police spoke about the suspect, listen to this. >> the three young ladies were taken to metro hospital where they were treated by the hospital staff there. currently we have the three brothers that are under arrest. ages 50, 52, and 54. they are being held in the in t awaiting charms. that charging with come probably within the next 36 hours. >> now the phone is sharon. she's a reporter with wky c in cleveland. sara i know you've covered the story a long time along with your colleagues. a pretty dramatic day. >> absolutely. we are all still shaking our heads in disbelief. our phones have not shop ringing. really a miracle here in cleveland tonight. >> in terms of what we know right now, these three brothers are in custody. we know the one is castro. we assume the other tw
of a mystery about the article that was written a few years about the disappearance of gina. tell me about that. >> a local newspaper here, written by ariel castro was certainly circulating online. piers as you know, the name and the idea of the suspect in this case having written an article about this gina's disappearance has really gotten everyone's attention. so i actually found ariel, who goes by anthony on facebook, if he can confirm that he wrote the article. i spoke with the editor of the plain press at this time and he was in 2004 and he confirmed that ariel was a college student at the time and did the article as part of a class assignment. anthony castro said yes he did write the article when he was a student at bowling green, ohio. i asked him what he thought about the girls being located. he was stunned that something like this would happen. he was my dad. i don't know that i should say anything other than this is beyond comprehension. his father was the one that had been charged and he said he wanted to talk to somebody but not a news reporter. so he wouldn't answer any of my quest
today, where are the castro brothers right now and what about amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight and the 6-year-old found in the house? were there more children? plus the most important question of all. how could all this have happened in plain sight? tonight, what the neighbors saw and what the people who knew the suspects think now. >> this has come to a shock to me, to hear that he's involved in all this. >> i'll talk to tito dejesus in a moment. we have learned that the three castro brothers, ariel, pedro and onil will be interviewed tomorrow and could be charged thursday. a jeep cherokee and pickup truck have been towed from the home on seymour avenue. now we go live to the scene. kevin, thank you for joining me. obviously, for anyone like you who has covered this for so many years, it's a quite extraordinary end to three concurrent investigations, i guess. what is the latest and let's start with the three young women. my understanding is that two of them are heading home and they're okay but the one is not in great shape. what can you tell me? >> officially, all the
. that's the most important thing right now. >> reporter: and once inside, gina told her parent, she didn't want to sleep uptear upstairs i room like she had been forced to for a decade. >> she said i don't want to stay in her room. i said you don't have to anymore. so that's part of the process. part of her healing in knowing that she now can do what she wants. >> reporter: she said she doesn't want to stay in her room. >> reporter: the family is sleeping on inflatable mattresses in the living room, her wish granted. we also learned that gina's mother nancy knew ariel castro for years after growing up in the same community and that castro spoke to her on several occasions, even after he daughter had disappeared. most recently this past year, asking her how are you doing? so you would see him and he would say how are you doing? >> yes. >> reporter: like nothing was wrong. >> yes. >> reporter: that's chilling. >> it is. >> reporter: all the while he had your daughter. >> yes. do you know how many times i've been through the streets? i passed by that street. two blocks and a half away from
. >> meanwhile, the mother of gina dejesus says she spoke to ariel castro in the neighborhood as recently as last year, never suspecting her daughter was a prisoner in his house. listen to what she told abc news. >> you know how many times i've been through this street. i passed by that street. i was two blocks and a half away from there. >> tonight, i'll talk to the cleveland reporter who had an emotional meeting with gina in her family home today. also, keeping children safe from the monsters among us. hollywood mom jada pinkett smith on her battle against human trafficking. i want to begin with ariel castro's mother and daughter speaking out tonight, expressing shock and horror at the charges against a man they thought they knew. listen to what angie gregg, ariel castro's daughter, told andrea siegel moments ago. >> i got a call saying they were found on my dad's street. so i started to wonder who it might be and then my husband, among maybe 20 other people, called and said hey, they have your dad's house taped off, they have your dad's picture and name on the news. it was like everything cras
as well, i'm in front of gina dejesus' home right now. and within the hour one of her aunts came outside and pulled in all those beautiful balloons that we've been seeing for the last several days, moving them away from the front of the house and in the street. and you can see that blue tarp over my shoulder. they've set that up as well so that gina if she wants to come outside can maintain her privacy. chris. >> that's very difficult. there's so much media there. this family's trying to heal at the same time. delicate balance of course. let me get your take on one more thing before i let you go. aggravated murder charge in this case because of the miscarriages, what is the legal thinking through there? >> you know, that's going to be very interesting. and you yourself would know that more than anyone. an interesting legal prospect here. the prosecutor's saying he might -- aggravated murder charges because of what michelle knight has told them. in the police statement that cnn obtained, she describes that at least on five occasions she was pregnant and that she miscarried each time. but
disappeared then in april 2003 when she was 16. and gina dejesus vanished in april 2004 at the age of 14. all three reuniting with families tonight after their dramatic rescue unfolded yesterday. coming up, we're going to talk to one of those family members, who saw her niece for the first time in nine years. meanwhile, investigators are focusing on the owner of the home where the women were found. >> at this point i can confirm that we have no indications, any of the neighbors, bystanders, witnesses, or anyone else has ever called regarding any information regarding activity that occurred at that house on saymore avenue. >> which raises many questions like how did the women live in this home for nearly ten years without being noticed by anybody? one thing you can tell from that neighborhood, the houses are very close together. the people spend a lot time out on their porches and barbecuing, as neighbors have told us. so did the women ever try to escape before yesterday? what were their living conditions like? and how did the suspected kidnappers keep the women from escaping? we're going to b
developing news out of cleveland, ohio. gina dejesus, one of the women held captive in that dilapidated home, a few miles from where they were abducted, is expected to arrive home no her own family for the first time in ten years. by her own account, dejesus was on her way home in 2004 when a man in a van pulled up and offered her a ride, beginning ten years of torment. we expect the cleveland police department to repeat a summary of what the women told them. it is a nightmarish house of horrors, according to police. the women were bound if chains and ropes in separate rooms throughout their captivity. police sources also say that women have told them of repeated sexual and physical abuse as well as multiple pregnancies and miscarriages. just hours ago, amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter were welcomed by cheers as she returned home for the first time of the home belonging to her sister, beth. a chaotic scene emerged as beth gave a short statement saying thank you for support and to ask for privacy. some neighbors claimed that police were called several times ov
, a mysterious house of horrors where amanda, gina dejesus, and michele knight were held captive, forced to live in rooms the size of closets for more than a decade. victims and the families begin the long road to healing as authorities begin to study the chilling tale of evil next door. byron pitts has the latest from cleveland. >> reporter: terry, federal and local authorities have been in and out of the house all evening. piecing together the secrets inside. tonight it's a crime scene, but for three girls, faces on posters, amanda, gina and michele, this house was their cage. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> reporter: after nearly ten years, this was the sweet, frightening sound of freedom. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> reporter: that's amanda berry yesterday afternoon. we know so little about their experience, but the emotion in her voice is revealing. >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years. and i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: freedom made possible by a neighbor she never knew. charles ramsey said he just heard a young woman in need a
. this is the elementary school. back on april 2nd, 2004 was her middle school. this is where gina dejesus went to school. take a look around. it look like a lovely place for your child to go to school. on that date, april 2, 2004, something dreadful happened. gina who a special education student decided she would walk home from school. she left the school never to arrive home. and in broad daylight it looks perfectly safe. this is where it happened. 2207 seymour street. you go see the f.b.i. is sill processing the houses where the three women and the young child apparently have been for many, many years. neighbors give all sorts of different stories. they describe the man, castro, as an ordinary guy. story we hear from everybody is how surprised they were. they never in their wildest dreams believed that those three women would be held captive in that particular house. >> greta: on the record the investigation of the missing girls now women from almost the beginning. after 14-year-old gina dejesus vanished in 2004 we spoke with her cousin and cleveland police. >> what can you tell me about the investiga
of the crimes committed against michelle, gina, amanda, and the minor child. >> police have said that castro kept everybody in their words at a distance. cnn's brooke baldwin is also in cleveland watching what is going on. she just wrapped up a powerful interview with a journalist and family friend who actually got to spend some time with one of the women, gina dejesus, earlier today. brooke, you did a really great interview with her. tell us what she told you about how gina right now is doing. >> it was absolutely stunning. i spoke with lydia espara a family friend of the gina dejesus family and also a journalist here in cleveland, a weekend anchor at a local affiliate woio. i tell you, she had just sat down with gina dejesus. she covered her missing story ever since she was plucked off lorain avenue back in 2004. and in this conversation, you know, she talked to me about how gina confided in her that she lost the ability to communicate with her mother in her native tongue, puerto rican. she lost her ability to speak spanish, having lived as a prisoner in this home on seymour avenue for ten
multitud emocionada daba la bienvenida a la casa gina la joven saludÓ y cubriÓ su otros. >>> en este dÍa mÁs alegre que yo puedo recibir en este dÍa. conseguir la hija mÍa y estas dos hembras que estaban con ella. >>> segÚn la madre de gina estÁ muy y bien alegre, y agradeciÓ el va el coro tuvo amanda berry para huir que le dio la tambiÉn a su hija. >>> es difÍcil porque estuvo tanto valor de hacerlo que hizo para escapar para que tuviera libre y estÁn las tres, incluyendo mi propia hija. y le doy las gracias al seÑor que ellos estÁn en buenas condiciones. >>> en la residencia de amanda berry que tambiÉn fue llevada a su casa escoltada todo era felicidad los familiares pidieron respeto a la privacidad del momento. >>> y ingresÓ por parte trasera de la casa y no se le vio el rostro. >>> estamos felices detenerla al y a hija de regreso, gracias a todos por el apoyo y coraje durante estos aÑos, por favor respeten nuestra privacidad hasta que nosotros estemos listos para hablar. >>> y como si esta historia no fuera lo suficientemente complicada ahora surge fin nuevo giro, en lu
're haunted by it. gina dejesus' mother said the family slept as a group with gina in the living room because she did not want to go to her room upstairs as she had for the previous nine years. >> the one thing she did say, she said, mom, i don't want to stay in a room. so i said, you don't have to anymore. so that's part of the process, part of her healing and knowing that she now can do what she wants. >> she said she doesn't want to stay in a room. >> nancy ruiz also gave more insight on the ties between her family and the kidnapping suspect, ariel castro. gina's mother told abc news she knows ariel castro, came across him multiple times in the years after gina went missing. ruiz said he would ask her how she's doing, even as he allegedly kept her daughter as a sex slave. you'll hear more from ruiz's interview in just a few minutes. let's bring in susan candiotti, following this story. susan, tell us about the aggravated murder charges and how that relates to what michelle knight went through. >> reporter: hi, jake. the prosecutor is considering whether to file aggravated murder charges ba
of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us today special agent in charge steve anthony. he will be talking later. we have also searched -- been searching our records for public safety calls to four services at 22 2207 seymore regarding complaints of the occupants of the house. since last night we have learned the following. building housing does not have any records of permits or violations at that address. our records show that the cleveland fire department and emergency medical service have not been called to that address. at this time our records show that cleveland police have responded twice to that address. once in 2000 and another time in 2004, and will provide some details in regard to that. now as we move forward, we will provide updates as they become available, keeping in mind, as was stated, that this is an open investigation. again, we're thankful that ms. berry, ms. dejesus and ms. knight have been found and that they're alive and that we have offered our support to the families and to the three ladies as they move down the road to recovery. i do want to say,
you. >>> it was a gripping and deeply moving scene when gina day dejesus spoke about never giving up. >> i want to thank everybody that believed even when i said she was alive and believed and i want to thank them. even the ones that doubted, i still want to thank them the most. because they are the ones that made me stronger, the ones that made me feel the most that my daughter was out there. >> but as the family's celebrated the return of their loved ones, we're also learning details of what happened inside the house of and this was stunning. they never left the property in ten years. they were allowed outside only two times. the first attempted escape was monday when amanda got out. police report the house was in disarray and the fbi took over 200 items from the home. moments ago, the cleveland police read the charges. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro. >> four kidnapped victims are gina, amanda, michelle, and the young child. and the victims of the rape are gina, amanda, and michelle. >> ten years inside the house. what an amazing story. joining me now li
. >>> and home at last. kidnap victim amanda berry and gina dejesus reunite with the family that they were taken away from for so many years. >>> finally, a verdict in the case that has captivated millions. jodi arias is guilty. and a shocking admission by arias has prison officials on high later. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." a lot's going on this morning, i'm john berman. >> indeed quite a news day. i'm zoraida sambolin. i'm live in cleveland, ohio. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started here. we're live in cleveland with the horrifying details about what went on in the house behind me on seymour avenue for ten years. we're going to have more on that but first, this morning, we're getting a first look at the man many are calling a monster. ariel castro accused of holding three women inside of his home now facing three counts of rape and four cases of kidnapping. listen to a reporter inside woio firing questions at castro inside prison last night? >> why are you covering your face? what do you have to say to those woman? how can you do that? what kind of monster does
condition at a cleveland area hospital. >>brian: they are amanda barry, 27 years old, abducted at 17. gina dejesus, believed to be 24. and michelle knight missing in 2000 when she was 20. people thought i think she ran away. she's 30 years old. gretchen, there is somebody else involved. there is a baby. >>gretchen: there is a six-year-old child involved as well. authorities have not said -- we have taken her identity away, but the prevailing theory is that that is amanda barry's six-year-old daughter. i'll leave it to the minds of the people out there as to who the father might be. here are the people who will be questioned: a 52-year-old man who lived in this whom. ostensibly these three women have been tied up for ten years. tied up. and this is just blocks away from where they disappeared from. i mean, unbelievable. two other brothers related to this man, 50 and 54, are in custody right now. >>steve: more on them in a moment. first let's tell you how they did escape. last night a woman who lives across the street was sitting on her neighbor's front porch. she saw across the street an a
de vez en un cuando en el vecindario, ella nunca supo el nombre ni de gina ni michel porque dicen en el reporte policial, castro tenÍa miedo de que esta niÑa fuera a revelar aquÉl tenÍ a estas mujeres dentro de su hogar y claro los detalles siguen saliendo y seguirÁn saliendo mediante vayan pasando los dÍas, y esto es todo de mi parte regreso con ustedes al estudio. >>> gracias jannet entre los detalles que salen a la luz el diario reporta que ariel castro supuestamente le celebraba a cada de las jÓveneel aniversario de su secuestro llevÁndole un pastel. >>> quÉ horror. >>> y gina de gue de jus jÉ sus pasÓ su primer dÍa en libertad desde que fue raptada a escasas millas de su casa y vamos a ver como pasÓ el dÍa de hoy dÓnde estÁ la joven tras una dÉcada de maltratos y encierro. >>> buenas tardes. >>> quÉ tal muy buenas tardes josÉ, y la celebraciÓn ha sido larga, escondida y llena de mucha risa y alegrÍa, celebraciÓn que se extendio hasta horas de la madrugada no es por menos porque hay que celebrar, por lo que de familia se retirÓ temprano a celebrar, por que
. our poppy harlow has been talking to relatives of gina dejesus. what have they been telling you? >> reporter: hi, jake. we've been here at the dejesus family in cleveland all day. i had a chance through the morning to spend time with them and speak with the brother, the older brother of gina dejesus. his name is ricardo. i also spoke with sandra who is the aunt. the parents are with their daughter gina right now. they are not home but there have been family and friends pouring in all day. the aunt of 23-year-old gina dejesus. >> if you don't believe in miracles, i suggest you think again. because it does happen. >> reporter: a chance at life again after hell. >> for amanda's family, for gina's family, for michelle's family, prayers have finally been answered. the nightmare is over. >> georgina dejesus known as gina to family and friends disappeared nine years ago on her walk home from school. she was just 14 years old. gina's older brother, ricardo, saw the news on television with their father. >> we were in disbelief, crying, shaking, just happy. it's like a dream but i'm joyfu
, gina dejesus was back in her old neighborhood, hidden between a hoodie. she gave the crowd a thumb's up. amidst the joys of the homecoming, details are beginning to emerge about the years in captivity and the man accused of committing the crimes. her mother called today the best mother's day present ever. >> i want to thank everybody that believed even when i said he was alive and believed. >> reporter: abc news has learned amanda, gina and michele knight told authorities they were abducted the same way. the accused allegedly offered each a ride home but instead they ended up here at his house. michele in 2002, amanda in '03, gina a year later. once inside this two-story house, the unthinkable. year after year. a senior officer in the cleveland police department tells abc news, each girl would be chained in the basement and raped. quote, once their spirit was broken, the chains were no longer necessary. they were moved upstairs. according to sources in the investigation who spoke to abc's cleveland affiliate wews, amanda's daughter was born inside the house. she was forced to deliver th
nearly a decade someone, somewhere isn't wondering where amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight are. and the first friday that ariel castro is in jail for kidnapping. tests prove that he is the father of the little girl. the main questions remained, how these three young women were picked up without anyone noticing. >> cleveland police detectives and now 15 fbi agents aggressively working this case. >> reporter: their disappearance captivated this community, flyers, rallies, vigils. this reporter covered the kid p kidnappings from day one and was right there when the young women finally made it home. [ applause ] >> there's one thing on the tree that just gets me. the yellow ribbon with her missing photo. her mom said that was the hardest thing to look at it every time. >> how did it captivate the entire city here? >> well, i think, again, to see two teenage girls go missing from the same general area right away just gave you chills. >> reporter: it was right here, 106th and lorraine on cleveland's west side back in 2002 when michelle knight was standing at this intersection an
king uniform ten years ago. gina dejesus, the report with regard to her says that castro didn't need a ruse since dejesus was good friends with castro's daughter arlene, so he told gina dejesus he would give her a ride so she could meet up with her little friend. castro's daughter spoke out today, talked to "good morning america." >> i really want to see gina, and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> the police report says that the victims were at first being kept in the basement in chains, eventually moving up to the second floor of this home. two of the women became pregnant. this report says while he forced knight to miscarry, castro actually threatened violence if amanda berry's daughter jocelyn wasn't saved. i'm quoting this police report now, ariel told her if the baby died, he'd kill her. michelle stated that jocelyn stopped breathing at one point, but she breathed into her mouth and breathed for her to keep her alive. this was christmas day of 2006. the document also reveals that jocelyn did not know the women's real identities, didn't know their names.
developing right now. first in cleveland. amanda berry and gina dejesus return to hugs and cheers. their captors are charged with kidnapping and rape. how they were able to keep the girls trapped so long. >> the benghazi whistleblowers finally get their say. >> as a dying declaration, what precisely did he say to you? >> he said it's greg, we are under attack. >> why did no one go to help? we are live in dc breaking down the exclusive testimony. >> the jody arias trial has spoken. >> count one first degree murder guilty. >> you heard it arias guilty of first degree murder. in an exclusive fox interview she says she wants to die. >> i said i would rather get life and it's true today. >> let's get right to the fox news alert out of cleveland. >> police finally charging the 52-year-old former school bus driver who kept three young women locked up in the house of horrors. ariel castro three counts of kidnapping three counts of rape. his brothers are not charged. there seems to be no evidence that pedro or onil castro had no part in the krooims. >> that came as a surprise to some folks
him streets to cover, he hugged felix, the father of gina and the mother and said, look, we're going to bring this young lady home. and he clearly -- >> had a relationship with the family? he had a relationship with -- >> his daughter was supposed to spend the night at gina's house that night. >> wow. >> and she was told that she couldn't spend the night. he picked gina up because he knew that she would trust him because his daughter was going to spend the night at her house. >> hold it right there. i want to ask clint, clint, what type of personality is this that he's kidnapped these young ladies, one of which is -- this team is going out to search for her. he brings family members and joins the team. i mean, what kind of person is this? >> well, you know, we hear of the old proverbial dr. jeckyl and mr. hyde, this guy with mr. hyde most of the time. we see where kidnappers involve themselves in a search for a number of reasons. number one, they want to know what's going on. they want to know if police are getting close to them. number two, they want to put the shroud of innocence o
connection with the safe finding of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. we ask that you understand that some questions we can't answer and some questions we can answer out of respect for the family. be mindful this is an ongoing investigation and due to the sensitive nature, some questions cannot be answered. i introduce to you the mayor of cleveland. >> this morning we are happy to announce, as you know, that amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight have been found and are alive. we're happy that they have returned to us. but their absence for several years has plagued their families, our community, police and our law enforcement partners for years. we have several unanswered questions. why were they taken? how were they taken? and how they remain undetected in the city of cleveland for this period of time? today we have three suspects in custody. over the years the cleveland police have worked closely with the northern ohio violent fugitive task force led by the cleveland office of the fbi and on the investigation of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us special age
that michele, gina, and amanda are safe and healthy. second i would like to thank the citizens that came to amanda's immediate assistance when she was trying to escape that led to the eventual discovery of michele and gina. i would also like to commend the members of the cleveland division of police, the cuyohoga county sheriff's office, the federal bureau of investigation for their dedicated work in conducting the investigation in this case. i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. the signed criminal complaints are first-degree felonies. the defendant will be arraigned tomorrow morning in cleveland municipal court and his case transferred over to the cuyohoga county court of common pleas. the cuyohoga county prosecutor's office will then proceed with the prosecution of these criminal cases. this case will proceed to the cuyohoga county grand jury at which time i expect will result in indictments on these charges and may result in additional counts. as it relates to pedro and onil castro no charges will be filed aga
american families with answered prayers. these are the faces of amanda berry and gina dejesus, abducted as teens. a third, michelle knight, vanished at the age of 20. and now, all three have been found alive after life inside this home. a flag on the porch. a crime scene inside. and on the right, there is the front door. that dark space where a stranger heard a cry for help and refused to turn away. tonight, we have new details about the women, the three brothers under arrest, and the heroes of this rescue, as breaking free, the escape in cleveland begins. and abc's david muir is there. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening. we are learning exclusive, new details about the dynamic inside that home among the women. we know two of them have left the hospital tonight, including amanda berry and her little girl. you can see the balloons here on the house waiting to welcome them home. and about that little girl, she's missing two front teeth. one on the top. one on the bottom. we've also learned that her mother was quietly homeschooling her inside that house. tonight, the balloons and flow
were gina dejesus who disappeared in 2004 at just 14 and michele knight missing since 2002. for more than a decade police searched for them but turned up nothing. >> for amanda's family, for gina's family, for michele's family, prayers have finally been answered. the nightmare is over. >> reporter: family and friends rushed to the hospital. robert osorio is dejesus' cousin. >> she asked me like, is that robert? gave me the biggest hug. she was the same old gina, upbeat. just wanting to hang out with her friends and family. that's what gina was about, friends and family. >> reporter: for berry's family there is one more now. a 6-year-old police say is berry's daughter born while her mother was held captive. >> she'll be welcomed in the home just like amanda will. we've been waiting for them both, evidently. >> reporter: police today called that little girl's mother a hero for her daring escape, while the families who never gave up hope get ready to finally welcome the three now grown women home. >> the not knowing is what kills you, but in the last few years, elizabeth smart, jaycee d
tiempo. en la casa de gina de jesÚs su familia celebra, luego de 9 aÑos de incertidumbre. abrazaron a la joven que dejaron de ver cuando comenzÓ su adolecencia. >>> gina estÁ bien, toda s las muchachas estÁn bien, gracias a dios y es lo Único que voy a decir. tenemos que darle tiempo a ellos, para que puedan respirar. >>> la joven de 23 aÑos de edad, desapareciÓ en abril del 2004 y ayer, repeinamente reapareciÓ. se encontraba a solo 2 millas de la casa en donde naciÓ. secuestrada junto a otras 2 jÓvenes. anoche alrededor de las 6 segÚn los vecinos, amanda berry otra desaparecida del 2003, comenzÓ a pedir ayuda desesperadamente. tratando de salir por una puerta entreabierta. >>> Ángel acordeo escuchÓ los golpes y comencÉ a ayudarla. >>> le pregunte que pasaba si habÍa un incendio. y me dijo, no, estoy secuestrada. comencÉ a halar la puerta, tenÍa una cadena. y la patiÉ y la rompÍ abajo. >>> en la llamada al 911, amanda se escuchaba desesperada >>> ts un rÁpido despliegue policial las autoridades sacaron a la casa a la joven de jesÚs, a una tercera mujer desaparecida d
. berry disappeared back in 2003 the day before her 17th birthday. about a year later 14-year-old gina the girl on the left vanished on her way home from school. meantime michelle nice who was 21 at the time was last seen leaving her cousin's house back in 2002. >> crowds cheered as they heard the news. family members were filled with emotion after learning their loved ones were safe. >> telling me she is okay and she is got a daughter. >> this is a brand new photo of amanda berry at the hospital with her sister being reunited. the young girl next to her, her daughter. doctors say all of the women are getting medical treatment but appear to be in good health. >> it's just truly, truly amazing and it's a blessing to the community and members of the police department and their families that they are alive. >> they raised three brothers in connection to the case. they plan to release more information about them at a press conference this morning at 9:00 a.m. we will be following that. heather, back to you. >> we are joined on the phone by silvia cohen she is the cousin of gina de jesus.
llegada d n gina tras estar un a decada en c cautiverio, una multitud se j junto para darle la bien venida >> otra que llego as su goghoge la cautiva amanda mientras que m michele esta en el hospital >> y salen masdÁs detalles de u secuestro por mÁs de 10 aÑos que estuveiieron amarradas por 3 h r hermanos que son de pri >pi puerto rico >> sadelsante >> estoy frente a la corte mun c municipal donde maÑana tendrÁ que dar la cara ariel castro que tienen 3 cargos por violaciÓn y dicen que no habÍan poruerueb que lo vincularan, a con continuaciÓn les doy los de detalles >> las autoridades revelaron lsd os detalles de las tres jovencitas en la ulÑtÚltima decada, cuerda habÍan fueron amarradas y golpeadas y u usadas como esvlavclkavavas sexs >> vieron una seÑora desnuda g t gateando atrÁs, una de ellos la teniasmn como un aperritsa si p ropa >> una de la familia era que t estaba envuelto, que habÍa un i miembro de la familia que vivÍa dos tipos de vida que tenÍa una cara amable y un corazÓn megneho >> el dijeron que las tenÍan b habitaciones separadas pero que sab
to the scenes of each kidnapping as "on the record" investigates the kidnappings of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business. >> greta: three girls kidnapped and held hostage for ten years as they grow and become women. was any one ever suspicious of bus driver and band member ariel castro? tito says he played in a band with castro and was inside the house. what did he see there? here is what
see them. like i seen the mom on the news. she said i wake up every day asking gina, what are you doing? gina, what are you eating? and i'm a parent myself, okay? and it's like bothers you. just to think and go through that stage of mind what is your daughter doing works is she at? but mom knew she was still alive. and she thought that all the time and here she is in my backyard. >> when did you see amanda with the baby? >> when she first came out the out running. >> that's the first you ever saw her. >> yes. i never knew them until the story came out ten years ago. >> that's the baby you saw him with. >> i seen the baby sunday at the seymour park. >> you must have just about fallen over when you saw that. >> i fall over when the see the baby come out of the house. i said i just saw that they park playing with my daughter. and then -- then for me to notice that this is the man of that been having the kids in here all the time and the monster and everything and i have a friend and good neighbor and he turned out to be a piece of crap. how would you feel about that? >> not good. if
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